Japanese cultural experiences by Stella, Chris and Li who visited to Kurashiki Bikan historical quarter are described in this page.
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Sado(tea ceremony)-experience Kimono-experience Kado(flower arrangement)-experience
Koto-experience Syodo(calligraphy) -experience Japanese sweets making-experience
Tehineri(ceremic making)-experience Etsuke(drawing)-experience
Candle making-experience
Name: Stella Kyung
Place of birth: Seoul, Korea
Nationality: USA
Stella emigrated to America when she was thirteen years old.
Now she is a writer in Hiroshima.
Name: Chris Chardon
Place of birth: Ohio, USA
Nationality: USA
Chris came to Japan in 1992.
Now he runs a language service consultancy.
Name: Li Yi
Place of birth: Chongqing, China
Nationality: China
Li came to Japan six years ago.
Now she is studying at University in Hiroshima.